I survived the Tanoa Road Trip

Yes they did survive, we had the honors of inviting our corporate clients to take a Road trip around the island and showcase what is new with Tanoa Hotels.

We started off our day with Full Breakfast at the Zest Restaurant at Tanoa Plaza Hotel Suva, Lunch at the Tanoa Rakiraki, light refreshment at the Tanoa Waterfront, Cocktail at the Tanoa Skylodge and Dinner at the Tanoa International and departed the Hotel the next day after an wonderful Breakfast spread.

Check out their feedback's below.

We would like to convey our greatest appreciation to be part of the 2017 Tanoa Road Trip. We had enjoyed ourselves visiting all the Tanoa Hotels all in one day. I must admit it was tiring but I guess the awesomeness of the trip offsets the tiredness.
Mrs Mani and the Rakiraki team have done a  tremendous job with the hotel. It was clean and the team were so welcoming and I love how they still maintain that Colonial touch at the reception & dining areat.Lunch was delicious, the curry was lovely.Thank you for the short tour around the Waterfront and Skylodge premises and the cocktail.Thank you for the scrumptious dinner and breakfast at Tanoa International and the accommodation .The rooms at each hotel look so relaxing and inviting, I wish we could stay 1 night at each hotel...hahaha...wishful thinking.

Thank you once again for the opportunity to visit all the Tanoa hotels.
Its a great pleasure and blessings to be part of this 2 days organized road trip.Its also a good opportunity for us to see first hand on various facilities and meet the Managers of Tanoa Group of Hotels in Fiji within a dayIts also a very good move from your team to invite representative from the Disability Office to be part of this Road trip so their views can be evaluated by Team Tanoa.

 From my own observation Tanoa team has done a lot of ground work behind the scenes in the past years. Can see that the management team has the full support of YP in order to incorporate their respective visions to compete our tourism industry.


Tanoa Plaza

  • We are happy with the services, accommodations, meals, etc. e.g. We have one of our international trainers who is quite tall and he prefers a bed extension which your staff professionally provided which he was so impressed.  
  • The Manager, Events Manager, Front Desks staff, etc has been very accommodative in our requests and also to our International Technical Advisors.
  • Very friendly staff
  • Disability compliance

Tanoa Rakiraki

  • This is our first choice of accommodations whenever our teams working around Rakiraki Area.
  • I personally think that Winston is a blessing that able Team Tanoa to upgrade or remodel your rooms now. This may be a long term strategic plan for the group but may be it happens for a reason.  
  • Since the government is promoting investors and tourism to explore opportunities in the Western division. The way we saw on Saturday, Tanoa Rakiraki has taken a leading role in terms of providing accommodations and conference earmarked in Rakiraki Town. 
  • Most interesting thing I notice, your team has done  a great work to your rooms in terms of modernizing during the remodeling but they have maintain the colonial structure and its looks of the reception, bar and  cafeteria area.
  • It maintains its country side view, awesome.
  • Very friendly staff
  • Disability compliance

Tanoa Waterfront

  • Again Waterfront has taken a leading role in terms of accommodations and conferences in the Sugar City.
  • The investment in the additional rooms and new gym which earmarked to be build where the ground is located defiantly is our 1st choice of accommodations and conference in Lautoka.
  • Standard, deluxe, executive rooms and executives suites well presented and rates were justified, awesome.
  • All our conferences in Waterfront is most preferable the bigger one behind the front desk. This will provide enough space for activities.
  • Its an ideal venue for us because accommodations, conference rooms, meals are provided in one venue which we were given a package.
  • Very friendly staff
  • Disability compliance

Tanoa Skylodge

  • Despite Nadi's fast tourism development area Tanoa Skylodge has given a  facelift to its accommodations rooms, and poolside function area.
  • Also noted the conversations of dormitories to self sustain standard rooms, very interesting and strategically executed.
  • I had a chance to view your main conference rooms and the 2 smaller conference rooms, this will provide us with a clear alternatives when our internal requests  received.
  • Its a new look Skylodge compare to the previous Skylodge.
  • Very friendly staff
  • Disability compliance

Tanoa International

  • Again Tanoa International is our 1st choice conference packages venue in Nadi
  • Conference rooms are within our scope according to our international trainers
  • Event Managers very friendly and promptly in responding to our requests for conference packages
  • Very Friendly staff
  • Disability compliance

To conclude, a big thank you to the entire Tanoa Team for accommodating us during the road trip. This will assist us in our internal  requests for quotes since we have met your respective staffs which we normally communicate via e-mails and phone calls most of the time.


Thank you very much organizing the trip last week and highly appreciate for all the facilitation & hospitality you and your Team provided to us.It was good to see on the recent facility upgrade on Tanoa properties.


 No, a big THANK YOU MERE for the wonderful treat, trip, lunch, cocktail, dinner and best of all the sight seeing. THANK YOU for your hard work and putting this trip together for all of us.

 A wonderful experience indeed.Our Coordinators for Team Nawaz, one very funkier & outspoken, other one very lady like, composed and so gentle...so we were all together in one likeness with all 3 of them. And to top it off was Nawaz himself...listening to every command from Theresa...lol! couldn't get over their boo baring each other....:)!Thank you Team Nawaz Coordinators....you're the best!

 And thank you to TANOA Group across Viti-Levu,Tanoa Rakiraki, Tanoa Waterfront, International and Sky-lodge  for the best accommodating welcoming spirit and smiles;)! You all made it worth the trip:)!



My sincere gratitude for inviting me on the road show on Saturday; I have nothing but praise for the Tanoa group of hotels that we visited.  The food and the stay was awesome. Thank you for the hospitality and looking forward to the next one.

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For Any Enquiries

Please contact our friendly staff

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