Fiji Netall Fundraising

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainmarama dropped a bombshell at the Holiday Inn Suva last night when he revealed that Government was giving $570,000 to Netball Fiji for the 2017/18 calendar.

But during the fundraising drive Netball Fiji collected $106,000 surpassing their target of $100,000.

Delivering the keynote speech Bainimarama urged the business sector to dig deep and support netball.

He said Government has supported the sport by hosting international games.

“These benefit our nation in terms of visibility, which brings economic benefits and allows our people to watch international games and motivates our young people,” he said.

Bainimarama praised the Baby Pearls for being ranked fourth after the 2017 World Youth Netball Championship in Botswana earlier this year.

The 2021 WYNC will be played in Suva.

Netball Fiji president Wainikiti Bogidrau said they were targeting $100,000.

“Unlike our rugby and football brothers we don’t receive any funding from our parent body.”

She said they have surviving through Government and the support of the corporate houses.

Fijian Pearls coach Vicki Wilson appealed on the need of an indoor facility for the team to train in.

“The other day we trained in the rain. We need an indoor gym like the newly refurbished FMF Gym to be known as the Pearls Gym where we can display the names and photos of these girls on the wall. This will inspire our girls to greater heights and try to become a member of the Pearls.”

The funding drive is held after every two years.

The funds collected goes towards next year’s Commonwealth Games and 2019 Netball World Cup.

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For Any Enquiries

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